How to celebrate your birthday on Lombok….

by | Jan 17, 2019 | General information, Personal Stories

Although I hadn’t planned anything special for my birthday, the staff of the Aston Inn Mataram, did take the responsibility very seriously indeed, and gave me such a surprise, it took my breath away. Of course Bart was in on this action and just loved to see my reaction, when I entered our room! This picture tells the story!

So this would be the start of a new year and kick off for the rest of my life…..

One of the Western islands in front of the region Sekotong, has always been a favourite snorkling area, visited by tourist, and we had visited Gili Nanggu on several occations. However, one of our team members, Hussein had recommended another, and smaller island a bit further away, by the name of Gili Layar (Sailing Island). According to him it was by far the most unspoilt diving and snorkling spots of Lombok.

The colours of the various species of coral, fishes and sea anemones are stunning. Lombok has so much to offer, and needs to be preserved for the generations to come….